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Gaz's Chaly!

Gaz just sent in some nice photos of their Chaly!

The specs are as follows:

  • YX140 engine
  • Nibbi flatslide carburettor
  • Telescopic forks with disc brake
  • 60mm extended alloy swinging arm
  • Coil overs
  • Race pipe
  • Alloy rims
  • BMX handlebars (!)

Tell me your story (with photos if possible) here!

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Take the train, they said...

But it has been many years since the last train's whistle pierced through the quiet morning air. All that was left were the rusty tracks, making their way through the landscape in straight lines and gracious curves. There must be a way to make use of these tracks, one thought while smiling and thinking back of a time where the 301 thundered through the landscape, billowing out big plumes of smoke and water vapour.

Then, one morning, one thought of marrying the fun with the practical and thus this creature was born:


Have a stunning photo

pexels photo 1006116a

A really wonderful settings of a forest and two persons on a Cub riding in the distance. I saved this picture for April, since everything is coming back to life and spring is in the air. Thank you Min An for sharing this awesome photo for free!

Machine translations are still hard!

Japanese is hard. I'm trying to learn it and spend quite some time on it, but heck this is a hard language to grasp. For machines, this language should be, by now, easier to translate. But unfortunately it is not. The results are often quite hilarious tho as I will show after the page break. I need to do that because some people are greatly offended by the nicer things in the world. So click the article title to see eeeeverything.

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