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Addition to the FAQ

May the message be clear.

Q: I used pretty severe profanities in my (fake) e-mail account name because I literally have nothing better to do than to piss on your work and now I am blocked from accessing your website. I really need this manual though, can you lift this ban?
A: I have no time for people like you, you racist biggot. No.


Maintenance day!

I am VERY happy that a visitor notified me that the website was not available. Normally a subsystem would notify me about issues, but apparently things got a bit wobbly. Anyway, the website is back up and everything works. There are some residual things to do, but that shall be done today. Need to make a manual, restore a user account etc.

Please, report bug that you find! It helps me keeping things running but it also keeps everything available for your fellow Honda rider! <3 a bit slooow?

I was just notified by Robert that the front page is agonizingly slow and he suggested that it were the videos that were posted. And he was right. So the videos are still here, just not at the front page any more. Perhaps I should make a dedicated video page as well. But later. Everyday life is not what is used to be any more. Stay safe <3

System settings have been slightly adjusted

There were a few false positives that prevented you from downloading a manual. This should, in all theory, be solved now. Thanks for the reports! You do actually help me a lot by sending a bug report, because without those, I cannot see how things are going, nor can i help you or another Honda rider!


Something isn't going right here


You've landed on this page beacuse something during your visit here seems to have been suspicious.
Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your issue will be resolved where possible.