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Few more days, please

I am still somewhat under the weather. Urgent emails are still answered, but all others are in the queue and will be answered and processed in due time. Back soon :)

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A very big thank you!


I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who donated to the tipjar that funded the hosting year 2018-2019. Thanks to you, all this archive work stays affordable and it motivates me enormously to carry on with my efforts.

The bills have been all paid now and I hereby start the new tipjar for the period 2019-2020. Every cent in this tipjar is being used to pay for the hosting and everything extras goes to the domain names and acquisition of new material.

You made it happen. Thank you. <3

10 Million page views....

slogan back

I am sure that other websites reach this number easily, but since the reboot (read: fixing a very destructive update that was completely my own fault) of the website in 2015, this website reached 10 million page views. Not only that, but I'm also very close to 10.000 registrations since 2005 since actual user registration began in that year.

Since this is quite a milestone for me, I will see if I can make a proper history page about this website.

Thank you, everyone!


[NL] Tijd om het oude forum te verhuizen

Het oude forum van deze website draait al sinds jaren op een andere server, maar voor de eenvoud van de infrastructuur en het maken van backups is het handiger om dit weer samen te voegen op de server waar deze website ook op draait.

Het adres blijft gewoon hetzelfde. Ik speel weer met het idee om een forum te openen, maar daar heb ik wel hulp bij nodig. Dus als je het leuk lijkt om een Honda forum te beheren, laat het mij even weten en wellicht starten we de boel weer op!

For the English speaking visitors: Reboot the forum or not? If so, care to help?


He wants to connect all Honda enthusiasts together...

Edit: fixed link. woops.

Some updates!

Heyo everyone, some updates so I can assure you that there is always activity behind and on this website.

1. Question 1: Will the E-CUB come to The Netherlands/Europe? No. And HondaEU also has no idea when or even if it comes to Europe.

It seems that Honda is again missing the boat again as we say regarding to electrically powered two-wheelers. Many other brands have put scooters, mopeds and motorbikes on the market, but Honda fails to deliver. You know, it just makes me really sad. Not only took it two months to get this answer, but it's a well-known historical fact that Honda here in The Netherlands was still using hand-shift gearboxes on the mopeds while other (German) brands were using foot shift already.

In this regard, I am giving up on Honda and will most likely resort to another (Chinese) brand to have an E-moped. It's a shame, isn't it? *sigh*

2. Question 2: When will I process all the new uploads? As soon as I possibly can. My energy levels are at a record low at the moment and there are many things to do still. I will process your uploads soon. And please know that I am very thankful for your efforts of sending me all the documents!

3. Question 3: AMA, or Ask Me Anything. Please use the comment section for it, thanks! :)

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Happy new year and thank you very much!

Dear visitors and members,

The end of 2017 is nearly here and I want to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting my website and making good use of all the data that is available!


Next to 844 downloads (one got taken down by the copyright holder), the website now also holds a rough draft of all available VIN data for Honda motorbikes and mopeds. This year 1650 new registrations got added to the memberlist. At almost 2 million visits and 13,5 million page views, the Alexa rank has gone up to (currently) 2.134.804. It has even been higher, but this is a fair average. Total amount of bandwidth used for all the downloads is 451 GB.

71 Questions were sent in my email and all were answered and sorted out. From people needing a manual, questions about VIN numbers, technical questions and creating a few official VIN reports so people could resolve issues in their vehicle's paperwork.

Thanks to your donations and me selling a pile of Honda stuff, the finances are now nearly at 130 euro in the plus! That's good news for the next year and this makes paying for the hosting fees a lot easier. I'm still considering moving host to cut some more costs, but that has to be decided later.

I wish you all a happy newyears party and lots of safe miles on the road!
And again, thank you very much!