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[Solved] Bugs are happening on the website.

Seriously, everything should be working just fine, but it doesn't.

If you cant find the document you are looking for, send me an email and I'll have a look in the library for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The bug has been resolved. Something with incompatibility and the issue didn't arise immediately. The website is filly  functioning again and the cache (makes things faster) is currently rebuilding because this needed to be purged.

Again, my appologies for the inconvenience.

[Solved] There *might* be an issue with the login page

If you want to log in through the login page in the menu, you may see just a blank page.
This does not occur when you want to log in while downloading a manual, so just try it that way.

In the meanwhile I am going to find the issue which is causing the blank page. Thanks!

Solved. Mysteriously...

Honda PS50K1 sprocket update?

I think I may have found the "original", or non-compatible with other models, sprocket for the Honda PS50K1.
It is this Ebay auction that shows the right one, including part number 412010-081-000. The picture comes from CMSNL, but the part number cannot be found there for some odd reason.

This needs to be verified still, but I think this would be the right one. (but not for me as I needed 37/38 teeth)

ps50k1 rear sprocket 412010 081 000

Honda, you've been weird/clever!

sprocket honda pc50 ps50 original

I'm still slowly restoring my Honda PS50K1 and there is some weird sprocket on the rear wheel. It looked like someone bodged some 4-hole sprocket into a 3-hole one and I could not find a replacement for it. So I sent out a bunch of emails to part suppliers and nobody was able to identify it except for one. The company Leertouwer wrote me back, basically saying "No problem, is this the one you are looking for?"

sprocket honda pc50 ps50 new 1 leertouwer sprocket honda pc50 ps50 new 2 leertouwer

Uh yeah, that's exactly the one I am looking for! So what gives? This sprocket is suitable for the Honda PC50 and the PS50 but for some reason the PC has 4 bolt holes and the PS(K1) has three. While you'd think that with a gearbox you would like to have a bit more stability and strength and thus have 4 bolts. But nay! PS has three holes.

This is so weird, but also pretty cool! So soon I can add more new stuff to my little project:

honda ps50k1 july 2021

New VIN data for the Honda Z50 (A/R/J/M)

Just a short message that I've been going through almost every page on CMSNL to dig up usable data. So far I have been adding data for the Honda Z50A and will be slowly adding Z50R and Z50J data as well.

Edit: A and R are processed. J and M is a huge list which will take a bit longer.

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