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The 350th post in the advert library!

I've reached the 350th post on, my Honda Advert library. There is still plenty more to come. Like, a few hundred. If you'd like to help out, do drop me a line!

4 stroke nl ss125 1970

Young beautiful and 125cc

“Dig those lamps baby, and to think I used to ride a clapped out banger. I was gettin’ nowhere, but fast. No birds – No nothin’. So I conned the old man for a few quid and set myself rollin’for the HONDA man. Down payment… and away. The goes of me! now who do I meet on my maiden run but Susan? She just flipped dor the big stylish 125. The clean curves that mould into my body. Big powerful 4-stroke twin that takes you away from the mob. And that a sweet sound baby! Come to think of it Susan and HONDA have a lot goin’ for them… That’s why I love the pair of them!”

Source: Unknown, Octobre 18 1970 (year is an estimation)

Extra references:

Honda C50 Super Cub – 118.9.0
Honda CD90 – 168.6.0
Honda SS125 – 205.
Honda CD175A – 220.5.0

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