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Buying the wrong thread cutter can be a pricey mistake

For a long time now, I cannot ride my Honda SS50 because the thread of the spark plug has been damaged, so I bought a repair kit for the handsome amount of 60 Euro. Seriously, this stuff is way too pricey.

But I thought "hey, it will not be the only time that a thread goes bonkers (am i right, overhead camshaft PS and PC riders?) in an alloy head and perhaps I can help others too"

Noble thought, wrong execution. Partly my mistake, partly the tool supplier's mistake, but yeah I cannot trade it in any more.  Because I should have invested one (1) Euro in a thread gauge that I ordered of eBay.

This one:

thread gauge

I strongly advise you to grab one from the internets, since they are wa-haay too pricey in the store. I really want to keep buying my parts and tools in the local stores, but this was a rare exception because the repair kit was so darn expensive.

If I had invested the one (1) Euro in this tool, then I would have bought the right thread repair kit for the 60 Euro!Oh well, lesson learned. C7HSA spark plugs have a M10x1.0 thread. And not a 1.25.

thread repair kit


#4 Goldie 2015-08-16 11:07
Relax met ideal kunnen betalen, nu 30 dagen wachten geloof ik :)
#3 Goldie 2015-08-16 09:24
Ja, aliebaba.....

ik zal het een keer gaan proberen bij die Chinesen :)

#2 foxbox 2015-08-15 23:11
Ik heb gekeken, maar die winkel bestaat niet meer! (fuuu...) Het goedkoopste en meest uitgebreide wat ik kan vinden zit zo rond de 12 euro incl. verzending. Item 1: en Item 2:

Goedkoper kan direct uit China voor ongeveer 5 euro:

Ik wil em ook wel voor je bestellen als je het niet aandurft! :)
#1 Goldie 2015-08-15 11:00

linkje naar die draad-meter op ebay graag.
kan hem zo niet vinden... :-)


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