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Frame number list for Honda ST70


The number is located on the right side of the steering head.

ST70 140... n/a 05.06.1973  
ST70 145... n/a 04.12.1973  
ST70 148... n/a 02.06.1976  
ST70Z ST70-100001 - 137213 6 1969  
ST70E ST70-500001 - 503751 6 1969  
ST70E ST70E-531931 - x 6 1969  
ST70EZ ST70-500001 - 547525 6 1969  
ST70H     1969  
ST70K1-1 ST70-1000001 - 1003655 7 1969  
ST70K1-3 ST70-3000001 - 3016095 7 1969  
ST70K1-4 ST70-4000001 - 4030165 7 1971  
ST70K1-5 ST70-5000001 - 5042430 7 1972  
ST70K2-3 ST70-6000010 - 6014709 7    
ST70K2-4 ST70-6000010 - 6015049 7    
ST70K2-5 ST70-6000010 - 6015109 7    
ST70K3-3 ST70-6100023 - 6111622 7    
ST70K3-5 ST70-6100028 - 6112222 7    
ST70K4-6 ST70-6200006 - 7 1976  
ST70K4-7 ST70-6200001 - 7 1976  
ST70 6314817... n/a 09.1989  
- DB012001015... n/a 08.1990  

These serial numbers came from visitors asking about when their Honda was built.

After looking at the model and other various data, I came to the following conclusion:

    Probable year  
  ST70-143xxx 1969  
  ST70-562xxx 1970  
  ST70-722xxx 1970  
Type indications
Model Type Framenumber
ST70 DI (1) General Type ST70-108801 ~
ST70 DII (2) General Type ST70-505971 ~
ST70E England Type ST70-137314 ~

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#3 DD_DAX 2023-08-16 14:07
I have a blue ST70 (OT). Probably a German model.
VIN is ST70-61278xx
Engine is ST70E-61283xx

I am looking for the year of my bike. Papers state 1984, but I believe it's a little older.
Can't see to find the numbers in the DB ;-)

Any idea?
#2 foxbox 2016-04-23 18:26
Quoting mgummert:

Frame: 1XO-018344
Motor: ST70E-151039

Hi Martin and thank you for your question!

To start off with, your frame number looks unusual. From all the abbreviations, one-xray-zero is not in the list and actually I would expect it to be "ST70-". According to my documentation, frame numbers changed to a more uniform code after 1981 into something like SC010*BM000001. Before that, I would expect something like: ST70-5000001

So one could assume that your bike is from before 1981. A 6-digit frame number is not unusual, as is a 7-digit number. If my information is correct, 6-digit numbers have been used in 1969, 1970 and 1971. So now we're down these three years.

There is a giant "but" though, and that is that your number is lower than 100000.

Can you tell me the following things:
  • How many gears do you have?
  • What is the (original) colour?
  • Is it a manual or automatic clutch?
  • Can you send me a good picture of your frame number and your engine number?

I hope to hear from you and that this has been already helpful for you!

Best regards,
#1 mgummert 2016-04-23 11:44
Hi, I have a Honda Dax ST70 E here in Manila, Philippines. It must have come from the US. I can't find the frame and serial numbers in the lists above

Frame: 1XO-018344
Motor: ST70E-151039

Any clue what year this is and possibly where it was made? The registration papers say year 97, but often here vehicles are imported second hand and the year is then then sometimes the year of first registration.

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